Akemi Everclear

Akemi Everclear Regent ID: AKEMEVERCLR
Akemi Everclear Regent ID: AKEMEVERCLR
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For use on light colored and white stones

Everclear is a liquid, 2 component, Polyurethane adhesive. Everclear is UV-stable, almost no yellowing and can be colored with Akemi polyester coloring pastes.

Everclear 100 Flowing is for filling of holes and surface improvement of light colored, white or transparent-crystalline natural stone like Onyx, Thassos in horizontal applications.

Everclear 110 Knifegrade is for high-quality bonding or filling of light-colored, white or transparent crystalline natural and artifical stones as well as wood, glass, metal and certain plastic for horizontal and vertical applications.

Mixing ratio for both is 100:80

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