Akemi Color Spectrum Bonding System

Akemi Color Spectrum Bonding System Regent ID: AKEMIMIXBOND
Akemi Color Spectrum Bonding System Regent ID: AKEMIMIXBOND
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The 15 differently colored MIXBOND polyester adhesives are mixable with each other.

Applied directly or mixed with each other, any desired color shade can be exactly color-matched.

The system is especialy used to color-match the adhesive for bonding Engineered Stone (e.g. CesarStone®, Silestone®, Zodiaq®, Corian®) and natural stone in the industry and handicraft.

Easy application: dosing ratio 10:1 (adhesive : hardener) measured by the length of the lines of the material pressed out.


  • Economic efficiency
  • Dosing exactness
  • Easy application
  • Immediate application
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