SureCrete Deep Level Mix

SureCrete Deep Level Mix Regent ID: SUREDEEPLVL
SureCrete Deep Level Mix Regent ID: SUREDEEPLVL
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Deep Concrete Patch - Deep Level is a single component, just add water, cement based chemical patching compound used for concrete restoration and patching of spalled or spalling concrete. Used with a concrete restoration system, it provides a workable, no-slump patch that offers superior bonding power to patch larger spalls in concrete floors, build ramps, repair loading docks, and parking lot pavement. Deep Level also performs well in filling low spots on horizontal surfaces and filling open areas (e.g. planters). The silicate aggregate size will eliminate the usual shrink cracks associated with topping mixes used for repairs. For applications thicker than 1/8” add coarse sand or pea gravel. Apply slurry bond coat consisting of SureBond mixed loosely with water with a brush to the host surface not allowing it to dry prior to application of Deep Level.

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