Omni Cubed No-Spin Backers

Omni Cubed No-Spin Backers Regent ID: NOSPINBACKER
Omni Cubed No-Spin Backers Regent ID: NOSPINBACKER
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The Omni Cubed No-Spin Backer Pad

The No-Spin Backer Pad Provides Faster Results and Less Damage To Surrounding Vertical Surfaces During Polishing Or Refinishing.

The product features a rigid aluminum “Velcro” backer, with the unique addition of a free-floating disc on top. Surrounding this disc is a protective rubber bumper that when pushed against a wall, mirror, or backsplash causes the disc to float (stop spinning) while the polishing pad continues to spin beneath it.

The backer has 5/8-11 threads and includes an Aluminum spacer washer to keep the threads from locking up on the polishing spindle when hot. PATENT US8740669.

The Low-Profile Bumper accessory for the No-Spin Edger protects faucet fixtures and other lower-profile vertical surfaces from the edge of spinning pads during polishing or refinishing. This durable plastic ring easily snaps onto the No-Spin Edger, effectively lowering the contact surface of the free-floating disk.

Technical Specifications:

Product Size:

4" = 4.15" Outside Diameter, .75 Thick, 5/8-11 Female Threads

5" = 5.15" Outside Diameter, .75" Thick, 5/8-11 Female Threads

7" = 7.15" Outside Diameter, .80" Thick, 5/8-11 Female Tread

Description: Rigid backer, velcro faced
Max RPM: 3,000
Package Size (Box): 4" & 5" = 7"x7"x2", 7" = 10"x10"x2"
Product Weight:

4" = .65 lbs., 5" = .85 lbs., 7" = 1.5 lbs.

Connection: 5/8-11 thread
Materials: Aluminum, Stainless Steel Bearing, Rubber O-Ring, Velcro Hook Backing
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