Superior Quartz Surface Enhancer

Superior Quartz Surface Enhancer Regent ID: SUPQTZENH
Superior Quartz Surface Enhancer Regent ID: SUPQTZENH
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• EXCLUSIVE fluoropolymer bonding
• Ultimate penetrating protection against staining
• Enhances the color and beauty of quartz
• Helps conceal small chips and scratches
• Creates uniform look of color and texture
• Allows for easier cleaning
• Interior and Exterior applications
• Clear liquid and easy to use
• Enhances and protects all quartz surfaces
• Enhances and protects poured concrete with
or without quartz
• Enhances and protects cultured marble
• Enhances and protects both polished and
honed finishes
• 22 oz. Spray Bottle
• Quart
• Gallon
• 5-Gallon
• 55-Gallon
1. Read the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) completely before use.
2. Using ZERO-Ultimate Surface Cleaner, all surfaces should be thoroughly cleaned and dried.
3. Apply Quartz Surface Enhancer onto the surface to be enhanced.
4. Allow Quartz Surface Enhancer to fully saturate the surface (approximately 30 minutes).
5. After 30 minutes, wipe off any excess Quartz Surface Enhancer with a clean dry cloth.
6. If a light haze or residue remains after drying it may be removed by moistening a clean towel
or cloth with Quartz Surface Enhancer and gently wiping the surface clean.
7. Allow 24 hours for complete curing.
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