K&E Superb Multi-Purpose Cleaner

K&E Superb Multi-Purpose Cleaner Regent ID: KESUPERB
K&E Superb Multi-Purpose Cleaner Regent ID: KESUPERB
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Superb is a concentrated cleaner degreaser which is extremely effective cleaning a wide variety of surfaces. From vinyl and leather to automobile motors and chassis, its powerful formula easily cuts through the toughest grease, oil and built up grime, leaving surfaces clean and beautiful looking. The more difficult the cleaning situation, the better Superb is to use.
Because it is highly concentrated, a little Superb goes a long way. On virtually any cleaning job, it is easy and economical to use.

In spite of its incredible strength, Superb is designed to be environmentally friendly. Its biodegradable formulation breaks down readily, does not cause smog, acid rain or deplete the ozone.

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