Blick Large Mechanical Clamp (13-102-04)

Blick Large Mechanical Clamp (13-102-04) Regent ID: BLICKLMC1
Blick Large Mechanical Clamp (13-102-04) Regent ID: BLICKLMC1

Large Mechanical Clamp
Blick Industries Part Number: 13-102-04


  • Stop Diameter:   50 mm (1.967 in)
  • Method:  Mechanical Screw (12mm)
  • Range:  1.2cm to 4cm Material
  • Clamping Area:  2.5 in depth X 3 in width ( 63.5 X 76.2 in )
  • Base Surface Area:  75 sq. in.
  • Bottom Seal:  13-102-02-11
  • Base Dimensions:  200 X 300mm ( 7.87 X 11.81 in )

Available in ANY height and most popular fitting sizes.
Designed especially for the stone fabrication industry. It has a large clamping area and range. It is extra tough to withstand the harsh environment it is intended to be used in.

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