Blick 75X300mm (2.95X11.81") Core Drill Support (28-075-30)

Blick 75X300mm (2.95X11.81") Core Drill Support (28-075-30) Regent ID: BLCK75X300
Blick 75X300mm (2.95X11.81") Core Drill Support (28-075-30) Regent ID: BLCK75X300

75 X 300 mm ( 2.95 X 11.81 in ) Core Drill Support
Blick Industries Part Number: 28-075-30

Bottom Seal:  12-075-01-11


Suggested Feed: 1in/min
Suggested Speed: S2200
(Tested with an ADI Thin Wall Core Bit)
Available in ANY height and most popular fitting sizes.
Core drill supports prevent blow out, allowing you to safely core drill all the way through workpieces. The supports have a precalibrated sacrificial pad that is easliy changed.

Regent ID BLCK75X300
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