Wobble Wedges Tapered Shims

Wobble Wedges Tapered Shims Regent ID: WOBBLEWEDGE
Wobble Wedges Tapered Shims Regent ID: WOBBLEWEDGE
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Fix anything that wobbles, rattles, or tilts!

Wobble Wedges are tough and durable, supporting over 2000 lbs. These shims are particularly useful for fixing shaky tables on carpeting, uneven concrete floors and patios. When leveling heavy restaurant tables and food service equipment, Hard Wobble Wedges are a must.  Tapered to 1/4" in thickness, are stackable, and capable of supporting 5,000 lbs.

Wobble Wedge installation shims can be used independently or they can be stacked in any combination or orientation to level, tilt, pry, twist, tighten, align, separate and cushion. They have been used by restaurants, plumbers, building contractors, industrial manufacturers, fountain installers and home users for over 25 years.


Dimensions:   1.875 x 1.125 x .25”
Slope:  5.75 º
Tapers from:  .033” to .25”
Off-set ridge columns:   5
Deep ridge rows:  38
Resin:  Polypropylene
Tensile Strength (PSI):  4,800
Compressive Strength (PSI):  7,000
Hardness (Rockwell R):  92

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