Abaco Products

Abaco Products

Double Handed Carry Clamps are designed for safely lifting and transporting stone slabs without using a forklift truck.

These fully vulcanized rubber pads provide added grip and prevent damage to the slabs. The weight of the slab exerts a sufficient clamping force for such a simple lifting device. By eliminating the use of a forklift truck, the carry clamps help you to work more efficiently on smaller jobs. You can use multiple carry clamps to move larger slabs with ease.

The best and most popular, stone lifter in stone fabrication shops across the world.

The compact design of the Abaco Little Giant Lifter will help resolve the issue where the headroom is a problem. The white rubber on the ALG's is a non-marking rubber to keep material from getting unsightly marks during handling procedures.

The Abaco ARS-2 heavy-duty seam setter features two (2)- 8" vacuum clamps with adjustable knobs on both sides for leveling slabs. Overall size: Length 16-3/4" x Width 9-7/8" x Height 9-7/8". Working Length Range 16-3/4" to 18-3/8". Working Load Rated 132 Pounds. Complete with carrying bag.
Contents: 1- Seam Setter; 1- Carry Bag
Brand: Abaco Machines
Weight: 20.00 pounds

Regent Stone Products is proud to offer our customers Abaco's newest entry to their stone lifting line of tools - Abaco's Vacuum Lifters.

Designed for lifting, moving, installing a large-size slab. Superior vacuum lifter will satisfy customers

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