Rye Corp Renegade Gantry Saw

Rye Corp Renegade Gantry Saw Regent ID: RENEGADE
Rye Corp Renegade Gantry Saw Regent ID: RENEGADE

With today’s blade technology, the need for 15hp motors is no longer required. But if you just gotta have a 15hp motor, then the Renegade comes with a 15hp, direct drive VEM saw motor option.

Standard features include: heavy duty 6’x10’ tilting table that stops at 0, 45, 90 and 135  with variable locking positions; precision machined gantry and bridge; 10 hp, 220 volt 3 phase motor (single phase optional); high intensity laser and convenient control panel with amperage gauge. Includes a 14 inch blade.
Product Model: Renegade Gantry Saw
Structure: Precision machined rail and bridge. Overall dimensions are 14’ wide, 13’ deep, 8’ tall.
Saw Feed: Saddle travels on 8 flanged rollers. Powered variable speed movement. Water solenoid automatically turns the water on and off with the spindle motor.
Gantry Movement: Hand operated with lock.
Vertical Movement: 6” movement. Actuator driven.
Main Motor Spindle: 10 HP, 220v, 3 phase (single phase optional), 60 cycle belt driven. 16” diameter blade capacity.
Operator Controls: Convenient control panel with amperage gauge.
Turntable: Heavy duty 6’ x 10’ rotating turntable with hydraulic tilting and positive stops set at 0, 45, 90, and 135 degrees. Variable locking positions.
Laser Light: High intensity laser to align material to blade path included.
Weight of Machine: Approximately 8,000 lbs.
Warranty: 12 months on mechanical parts 6 months on electrical. Warranty starts from date of delivery. Warranty is for part replacement only, labor and travel expenses are not included.

Upgrade  Options
24SE4002    15 HP Direct Drive Motor Upgrade
24SE4004    220 Single Phasr Option
24SE4006    Digital Readout (Gantry Movement)
24SE4008    Power Gantry Movement

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