Quincy QGS-10D Air Compressor w/Dryer

Quincy QGS-10D Air Compressor w/Dryer Regent ID: QGS10D
Quincy QGS-10D Air Compressor w/Dryer Regent ID: QGS10D

Quincy QGS rotary screw air compressors provide many of the features, benefits and advantages of a much larger industrial package in a size that is right for your application. QGS-10D’s come standard with mounted air receiver tank, TEFC motor, IP 55 (wash down), long life V-belt drive. Units are 62-68 dBA for reduced sound fatigue in work area installations. 


  • 5-year warranty on air-end, motor separator, and cooler 
  • High efficiency intake filter 
  • Factory filled 8,000 hour premium synthetic fluid 
  • Low oil carry over that protects tool
  • Available options include
  • High temperature refrigerated dryer 
  • Mounted 39o dewpoint refrigerated air dryer w. timer actuated drain 
  • 100 & 150 psi conversion kits


  • Capacity: 37 CFM 
  • ax. Pressure: 150-PSIG 
  • Air Tank Size: 120 gal. Horizontal 
  • Horspower: 10 
  • Sound Level: 66 dBA 
  • Lenght: 76 inches 
  • Width: 25 inches
  • Height: 58 inches

After Purchase a Quincy rep. will come and evaluate your set up and startup the unit to ensure a smooth  installation.    

Regent ID QGS10D
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