Adria Synthetic Frankfurt With Spheres

Adria Synthetic Frankfurt With Spheres Regent ID: ADRIAFNKSPH
Adria Synthetic Frankfurt With Spheres Regent ID: ADRIAFNKSPH
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Great Cutting Performance

This is the "premium" product on Adria Frankfurt Line. This long-lasting frankfurt is a sythetic bond brick, with silicon carbide spheres inside, for honing onyx, semi-precious material, natural and high "sugary" and crystalized marble such as most whites: carrara, calacatta, danby, alabama, cherokee etc.

These bricks have a great cutting performance thanks to the use of silicon carbide spheres, which allows extra precision when touching the material preventing the abrasive agent to scratch even the most delicate or soft surface. The reason of this performace is due to the fact that the abrasive agent, silicon carbide, is concentrated within a smaller surface area and this prevents scattering of the silicon granules all over the material minimizing the risk of scratch marks. Also the CP Frankfurt will not have problems of a limited shelf life, its sythetic bond will not lose performace even after years on the shelf.

CP are not recommended on hard material, soapstone or sandstone.

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