Saws & Fabrication Equipment

Saws & Fabrication Equipment

Rail Saws, Bridge Saws & Work Centers for the fabrication of stone countertops.

Regent Stone Products is proud to offer the full line of stone cutting saws and wet saws, including bridge saws and work center stations from Rye-Corp. RYE-Corp is a company based in East Tennessee that designs and manufactures equipment for the stone industry. All machines are made in the U.S. with readily available common parts.

On each machine's page displays, you will find a list of the most common and popular tooling available, as well as videos of each machine. If you need further assistance or have questions on any of these machines, you can contact us at 1-800-624-8210 and a Stone Fabrication Specialist will assist you.


Financing is available on all RYE-Corp machines (does not include Rail Saws). Regent Stone Products does not offer in-house financing; however, we work with great leasing agencies that will assist you through the process. 

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Not sure which tool is right for you? We can help! We want to ensure you are getting the BEST PRICE! Give us a call toll-free at 1-800-624-8210

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  1. AccuGlide Stone Saw 3000QT
    AccuGlide Stone Saw 3000QT

    Starting at $103.32

  2. Achilli AMS Bench Tile Saws
    Achilli AMS Bench Tile Saws

    Starting at $475.00

  3. Achilli Bridge Saws
    Achilli Bridge Saws

    Starting at $11,758.95

  4. Alpha PSC-150 Miter Cutting Kit
    Alpha PSC-150 Miter Cutting Kit

    Starting at $2,673.63

  5. Beaver Pneumatic Edge Chiseler
    Beaver Pneumatic Edge Chiseler

    Starting at $137.94

  6. Blue Ripper G2 (w/motor installed)
    Blue Ripper G2 (w/motor installed)

    Starting at $2,625.00

  7. Blue Ripper Jr Rail Saw
    Blue Ripper Jr Rail Saw

    Starting at $11.50

  8. Blue Ripper Miter Master
    Blue Ripper Miter Master

    Starting at $199.99

  9. Blue Ripper Rail Saw
    Blue Ripper Rail Saw

    Starting at $2.00

  10. Cyclone Low HorsePower Blades
    Cyclone Low HorsePower Blades

    Starting at $195.00

  11. Diteq Mirage Bridge Saw Blades
    Diteq Mirage Bridge Saw Blades

    Starting at $274.14

Items 1-60 of 123

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