Fila Neutral Cleaner

Fila Neutral Cleaner Regent ID: FILACLEANER
Fila Neutral Cleaner Regent ID: FILACLEANER
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Time To Stay Neutral


Great cleaning for:

Terracotta, Porcelain, Stoneware, Glazed Ceramic Tile, Matte Stones, Quarry Tiles, Concrete, Wood, Natural Stone, Granite, Agglomerates, Clinker, Linoleum, Tumbled Marble, Pebbles, Cobblestones, Rubber, and PVC

Fila Neutral Cleaner is a highly biodegradeable universal floor cleaner gentle enough for all floors. This product is ideal for the maintenance of waxed surfaces and laminated surfaces. This product is safe for pretreated and sensitive surfaces and cleans without damaging the surface. Neutral Cleaner is essential for after-installation cleaning of acid sensitive materials such as natural stone polish or polish agglomerates. When highly diluted (1:200), Fila Neutral Cleaner leaves no residue and does not require rinsing.


50 sq. meters per 1 liter (538 sq. ft.)



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