Stone Care Kit

Stone Care Kit Regent ID: REGENTCAREKT
Stone Care Kit Regent ID: REGENTCAREKT
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A Little Extra Shine that Provides a Protective Seal For Your Stone

Regent Stone Products gives you the perfect kit for Sealing, Cleaning, and Polishing your stone countertops! Each bottle of the Cemabond product is an important part to maintaining stone surfaces. Sealing your countertops helps prevent dirt and unwanted liquids to seep into your expensive countertops. After sealing, clean your countertops to show off the perfections. For a shine to your countertops after cleaning, spray on the polish and watch them sparkle! You will be impressed how well our products work. Try some for yourself or give it as a great gift! To see more info on each product in the kit, click on the linked items below.

This kit includes:

  • 8oz. bottle of Cemabond Silicone Impregnator
  • 8oz. bottle of Cemabond Stone Soap
  • 8oz. bottle of Cemabond Protect & Shine

How do you know when you need another coating of sealant? The best way to know when it's time to re-apply a sealer is to test by dropping water on the surface. If the water does not bead up immediately, it's time to re-seal. Simply spray on the sealant and let the countertop/surface soak it up. Any excess can be wiped away with a cloth. Use the cleaner for daily cleaning and the polish when you're looking for a little extra shine!

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