MB Stone Care MB-12 Polishing Powders

MB Stone Care MB-12 Polishing Powders Regent ID: MBPOLISHPWDR
MB Stone Care MB-12 Polishing Powders Regent ID: MBPOLISHPWDR
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Good for polishing:

Many Granites such as Black Absolute. All Marbles such as Black Marble, Dark Brown Marbles, Extremely Delicate Marbles (Botticino), and Dolomitic Marbles. Also for Travertine, Serpentine (green marble), Onyx, Limestone, Alabaster, Ophicalcite, Terrazzo, etc.

Looking for a polish that can give your countertops a gloss better than coming from a factory? MB Stone Care & Supply gives you their formula MB-12. This products is an amazing performer that polishes to a deep gloss - most of the times higher than factory. MB-12 Polishing Cream is specifically designed for "Dry-polishing," although it could also be used for wet-polishing.



The following are AVERAGE directions. Different stones may require different techniques.

•Prepare the surface to be polished by honing it to the highest clarity possible.
•Protect surfaces that could be damaged by splatters with proper masking material. Sold in 1 lb. increments
•FLOORS: Target an area of approximately 10 – 12 sq. ft. and sprinkle a couple of tablespoons of MB-12 on the middle of it, possibly in a circular pattern slightly narrower than the diameter of the floor machine. Using a squirt or spray bottle soak the powder completely. Position a “hog-hair” pad on top of the wet powder and the floor machine on top of it. The machine cannot exceed 175 RPM for best results, and needs at least 1.5 HP. Swiftly swing the machine back and forth over the targeted area (to evenly spread the slurry), then polish slowly with a spiral motion moving from one end of the targeted area to the other and back, until the slurry dries and the stone surface becomes shiny. The first area will probably need to be done a couple of times for proper pad build-up. We suggest not exceeding approx. 100 sq. ft. with one side of the pad. After that, flip the pad over and go another 100 sq. ft. or so (hog-hair pads can be hosed off a couple of times and reused, before disposal.)


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